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Students of the Swiss School of Music

Sasha Kruse Swiss Music School.jpg

Alexander Kruse

Grade 7 student

Alexander was born in 2006 in Dusseldorf, Germany. He is a laureate of the Swiss Youth Music Competition and has performed at the school's open concerts at Villa Boveri (Baden), the Stoke Theater (Zurich) and the Zunfthaus zur Waag (Zurich).
In 2015, Alexander fell in love with the piano and began taking piano lessons from Slava Spiridonov as part of an intensive program. Only a year and a half later, he won second prize at the Swiss National Youth Music Competition. After such a short period of study, Alexander already has in his repertoire the virtuoso works of Chopin and the classics of Bach and Mozart. He regularly participates in concerts organized by the school throughout Switzerland.
Alexander studies at Freudenberg Gymnasium in Zurich. He is fluent in German, English, French and Russian. He is currently studying Chinese.

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Lisa Bondareva SSoM.jpg

Liza Bondareva

6th grade student

Elizabeth was born in March 2010. From the age of five, Liza has been studying in the workshop of Slava Spiridonov. Elisabeth is a laureate of the 2019 Swiss Youth Music Competition and a laureate of the 2019 Swiss Central Music Competition.
In 2019, Lisa performed at the ZBSM Children Play for Children festival. She also took part in open concerts organized by schools in Zurich (Zunfthaus zur Waag) and Baden.
Elizaveta speaks German, English and Russian.

Michail Gorshkov Swiss Music School.jpg

Mikhail Gorshkov

Forteniano, Standart

Misha was born in 2006. He has been studying piano with Slava Spiridonov since 2014. Misha has performed at the school's open concerts at the villas Boveri (Baden), Zunfthaus zur Waag (Zurich) and Kongresshaus Zurich.

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Dan Blank SSoM.jpg

Dan Blank

Grade 7 student

Dan began his musical education at the school of Zakhar Bron in the class of Slava Spiridonov. During 6 years of study at this school, he grew into a professional piano player.
A winner of many international and Swiss competitions, a participant in concerts of young musicians in many cities and countries: in Zurich, Winterthur, Zug, Moscow, Minsk, Grosseto.

Dan participates in the sponsorship program and is a candidate for a Scholarship or Grant

Scholarship SSoM.jpg

Scholarships and Grants

Supporting our students

It's no secret that it is very difficult for a person to move forward without an incentive. The Swiss School of Music does everything to ensure that our students have the opportunity to participate in competitions and concerts as often as possible.

In addition, the recognition and support of the public plays a huge role for young musicians. Getting a scholarship to study or a grant for a specific project is a serious incentive for a young musician.

In the meantime, there is no need to know about it. ”

We invite you to participate in the professional life of our young artists.

Ученики: Проекты
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