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Урок танцев

of Ballet

Ballet With World Stars of Ballet

Lessons with top professionals in dance and pedagogy

Anastasia Grigorieva - Classic_edited_ed


Head of the Choreographic Department,

Leading Teacher

Soloist of the Russian Bolshoi Theater

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Artistic Director, ballet and choreography teacher

Available programs


Choreography Babies and Kids

First steps in the art of dance. Let's inspire the love of dancing. Develop coordination and musicalility. Learn to be flexible and resilient.

4-6 years old

8-10 years old

Ballet Gymnastics baby and children

It is very important to start developing body flexibility from childhood

4-6 years old

8-10 years old

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Dance Performance Babies and Kids

Let's try to take our first steps on stage. Let's learn group and solo numbers. 

4-6 years old

8-10 years old

Stretching 14 Year old/adult

In the lessons you will improve your flexibility and stretching, you will feel more freedom of movement. Skill doesn't matter!

Body ballet 14 years old/adults

This is a course for people who have always wanted to do ballet but never had the courage to try and also for those who did ballet as a child and want to start again.
Join our friendly group and you might discover that you are better than you imagined.

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