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Introduction to Music 3,5-4,5 y.o.

Music and Moving Course of early aesthetic education. 1 Semester. Tue/Fr. English, German, Russian.

  • Beginnt am: 20. Aug.
  • 1’190 Schweizer Franken
  • Aegeristrasse 20

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The intensive course "Introduction to Music" for children 3,5-4,5 years old was developed by highly qualified specialists in the field of pedagogy especially for our school, taking into account local specifics. It is aimed at developing a sense of rhythm, ear for music, musical memory, imagination, creative thinking, physiology of movement. After completing the course, the child will be able to easily start learning music or dance on a more professional basis. Course language: English, German, Russian COURSE PROGRAM General developmental stage. Course objectives: ● Involving the child in music ● development of basic abilities - both musical and cognitive ● gaining basic knowledge about the structure of music ● mastering initial skills in using the instrument. ● formation of stable positive associations with musical activities. The acquisition of knowledge and skills at this stage occurs exclusively in the game. form. Main principles: ● Clear gaming associations ● Frequent switching ● Do not approach the threshold of fatigue ● Approach: “from below” (child-centricity) ● Focus not on the result, but on the process

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  • Hinterbergstrasse 34, Steinhausen, Switzerland


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