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of Arts

We teach the universal language of humanity.

About us

- High quality music and ballet training using the most successful classical and original techniques

- Comprehensive musical education through unique author courses on the theory and history of music.

- Preparation for admission to the classes of gifted children and higher musical educational institutions.

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- Performances at concerts, participation in Swiss and international competitions from the first year of study.

- Own concert programs and projects: cartoon concerts “Children play for children”, concerts in nursing homes “Wisdom and youth”.

- Extensive concert program by students in Switzerland and abroad.

- Organization of concerts and music projects of various complexity, music and dance accompaniment.


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Piano. Guitar. Vocal. Violin. From 4 years.



1-3 Years old

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Ballet. Performance.
From 4 years old

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Music Theory
Privat und Gruppen.


Intro to Music and Dance
3.5-5 years old.

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History with Mikhail Kazinik. Ab 6