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Admission and Training Conditions
Preliminary Talk

Upon admission to the school, the student goes through a compulsory interview and a free 15-minute trial lesson with the school's teacher to determine the student's level. In addition, we give the student the opportunity to familiarize themselves with the study conditions and to make a final decision.

Attention before you book a trial lesson:

In order not to waste time, please read the school contract carefully and familiarize yourself with the school fees.


Book a trial lesson

The basic prices for lessons at the SSoA school correspond to the price level of the cantonal music schools in Zug. Discounts apply to levels above Basic. The selection of the tariff plan for the training is made by the teacher based on the results of the interview and the trial lesson. ​

There are 4 levels of study at the SSoA school:
- Basic – Minimum hours per week – 30 minutes, recommended – 60-90 minutes

- Default – Minimum hours per week 60 minutes, recommended 90 minutes.

- Advance– The minimum number of hours per week is 90 minutes, 120 minutes is recommended.

- Professional – The minimum number of hours per week is 180 minutes, recommended from 240 minutes.

All students are encouraged to take courses in music theory and music history. Advance and Pro plans require music theory and music history courses. ​ More detailed information can be found below in the files "Registration form", "Tariffs and prices".

Required Documents

Registration Form

Signing Off

Schedule 23/24

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