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Yellow Flowers

of Music

We teach the universal language of humanity.

for Small and Young
Musicians - Refugee Students

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5 refugee students
1 scholarship per month – 580 CHF




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Our Story

Refugee students from Ukraine study at our school.

We also currently employ 5 refugee teachers for whom we are trying to find decent work. We would like to ask you to support us in financing scholarships for refugee students.


At the same time, these scholarships will provide salary and moral support to young refugee teachers. We are currently supporting 5 talented little musicians whose parents cannot pay their tuition fees.

The education of refugee students at our school is already beginning to take place entirely at the expense of the founders.

We would be happy of any help at any time.

Together we can do more good.

Our Little Refugee Students and Their Teachers

Esseniya Voronava Ukr.jpg

Esseniya Voroniva

Little refugee musician

Mariia Panasenko Ukr.jpg

Mariia Panasenko

Little refugee musician


Rachel Altwegg

Little refugee musician

Korolova Mariia Ukr.jpg

Mariia Korolova

Young piano refugee teacher

Nadya Raksha_edited.jpg

Nadya Raksha

Little refugee musician


Noemi Altwegg

Little refugee musician

Emnanuil-Ioann Yuziuk.jpg

Emnanuil-Ioann Yuziuk

Guitar refugee teacher

Ruslan Gasratov Ukr.jpg

Ruslan Gasratov

Piano refugee teacher

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