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Mikhail Kazinik
in Swiss School 
of Arts

Mikhail Kazinik's Сourse
Children from 8 Years & Adults

Music history with Mikhail Kazinik. Baroque style.
Music history with Mikhail Kazinik. Baroque style.
20 Mar 2024, 20:00
Online lecture

Michail Kazinik - one of the best lecturer and teacher
in the field of classical music

Mikhail Kazinik - musician, art historian, hermeneutician, cultural scientist, writer, director, actor,
Professor at the Stockholm Dramatic Institute, leading expert on the Nobel Concerto, Author of the methodology “Complex Wave Lesson”, academician of the Slavic Academy, Member of the International Art Commission.
Honorary Member of the International Association of Writers and Publicists (IAPP).

"Music is a great contract with the creator"
"I am not a patron of music or any other type of art. I don't tell jokes or jokes, I don't try to simplify the perception of music. Whoever does that destroys it. I have a very different task - to spiritually attune a person to this wave, this radiation emanating from works of art: poetry, music, literature... All great art is a transmitter and a person who is not attuned to this frequency is a damaged receiver. i fix it
                                                                           M. Kazinik

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Lecture Plan 23/24

Beacaution! !!! Live-Stream!!!!

In connection with the active concert activity of Mikhail Kazinik, the lecture dates may be postponed. Look out for additional information.

At lectures for children 7-11 years old, children are present with their parents.


Lectures will be held in Russian with simultaneous translation into German, English and Italian.

1st semester
1 lecture - September 10. 
What a cosmic wonder music is! Why is music considered the greatest of all arts?
2 Lecture - September 24. 
Music is like magic, magic, an ancient conversation with the gods.

3 Lecture - October 22. 
First, talk about styles of music. Music of the last half millennium.

4 Lecture - November 19. 
homophony and polyphony. (You don't need to be afraid of such complex words. Everything will be simple and interesting.
5 Lecture - December 10. 
baroque style. The Amazing Story of Pearls.
6 Lecture - January 14. 
Sensible classics and crazy romantics.

2 semesters
7 lecture - January 28. 
The fairy tale of Little Red Riding Hood and what it has to do with music.
8 Lecture - February 25. 
Continuation of the conversation about fairy tales and forms.
Fairy tale "Kolobok". Amazing musical form.
9 Lecture - March 24. 
Viennese classic. Haydn
Lecture 10 - May 5th.
Lecture 11 - May 26. 
Lecture 12 - June 16. 
Three "S". Schubert, Chopin, Schumann.

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