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Lilia Mitronina


Liliia Mitronina is a pianist and a piano teacher with Russian-Tatar roots. Her 

heritage combines the tradition of Russian and European piano school with an 

openness to new interpretations and constant desire to a development.

Born in Kazan Liliia started studying piano at the age of five. In 2016 she graduated 

with the highest honors from the Kazan State conservatory where she studied with a 

great representer of the Russian piano school Professor Evgeni Mikhailov. 

Liliia has two Master degrees - Master of classical music (Rotterdam, The 

Netherlands, 2018) and Master Performance (Lucerne, Switzerland, 2021). 

During her studies in the Netherlands Liliia also became a winner of the Yamaha 

Piano Europe Foundation Award (Groningen, 2017). Liliia played in various concert 

halls in Europe including De Doelen (Rotterdam), NedPhOCoepel (Amsterdam). 

As a passionate chamber musician, Liliia constantly performs in ensembles with 

other artists. In Luzerne she formed a "Dreilinden trio", with whom she performed in 

several venues in Luzern, including the Rittersaal in Château Gütsch. 

Besides her formal studies, Liliia developed her artistry through masterclasses with 

such acknowledged artists as Jan Wijn, Nino Gvetadze, Nickolas Hodges, Peter Hill, 

Petras Geniusas. The last masterclass in Juli 2021 took place in the Rachmaninoff’s 

villa "Senar", where the participants played on the legendary Steinway grand piano, 

that belonged to maestro.

Liliia has passion not only for performing, but also for pedagogy. She finds it 

important to share the depth of musical and artistic education, that she receives, with 

her students. Using her 10 years pedagogy experience she teaches piano to children 

and adults in Switzerland and all over the world online. 

Currently she is pursuing her third master's degree (Master of Musikpädagogik) at the 

Lucerne Conservatoire аnd continues to improve her piano playing skills in the class of Professor Konstantin Lifschitz.

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